Who can Report

Anyone may report a suspected adverse event to CARM.
Reports from health professionals are preferred. Doctors and other prescribers, pharmacists and nurses usually are able to provide more detailed information about the medications in use and other medical history from patient records that are helpful in evaluating the adverse reaction.
Self-reporting by patients/consumers
CARM accepts reports from consumers, patients or carers, but where possible an attempt is made to involve the patient’s practitioner who often may be unaware of the reaction. In recent years increasing numbers of consumers and patients have reported adverse events to CARM. Reports can be made to CARM through the ADR Reporting Card using the electronic form at https://nzphvc-01.otago.ac.nz/carm-adr/reporting.php, by telephone on 03 479 7247, or by downloading the ADR Reporting Card form from https://nzphvc-01.otago.ac.nz/carm-adr/repforms.php

All reports are reviewed in the same way and included into the CARM database