M2 Monitoring

is a monitoring scheme designed to stimulate the reporting of adverse reactions to specific medicines providing more information to help CARM and Medsafe investigate safety signals. Potential safety signals are identified from reports of suspected ADRs sent to CARM. A decision may be made to highlight a signal via …A summary of criteria for placing a potential safety signal on is available on the Medsafe website.

Medicines with signals currently on are listed on the Medsafe website, NZF website, and are published in Prescriber Update and MIMS New Ethicals. It is important to note that a medicine appearing on does not mean that does not mean that Medsafe and CARM have concluded that this medicine causes the reaction.

After a pre-determined period (usually six months) reports are reviewed and included in Medsafe’s investigation of the safety signal. Findings are published on the Medsafe website and in Prescriber Update. Other action may be taken such as changes to the data sheet(s) or direct communication with healthcare professionals to highlight a medicine related safety concern.
Reports stimulated via should be submitted to CARM using the same methods as for other medicines.