Patients & Public

Consumer Reporting

CARM accepts reports from consumers, patients or carers, but where possible an attempt is made to involve the patient’s practitioner who often may be unaware of the reaction. In recent years increasing numbers of consumers and patients have reported adverse events to CARM.

All reports are reviewed in the same way and included into the CARM database.

How to Report
Although healthcare professionals have traditionally submitted the majority of reports, anyone may report a reaction and all are urged to report suspected ADRs directly to the Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring (CARM) within the New Zealand Pharmacovigilance Centre (NZPhvC) using the following options:

– Freepost Yellow Cards available from the address (or phone) below.
– CARM is available to discuss ADRs by telephone and also accepts reports by email or fax. Outside office hours a telephone-answering machine will take messages

Send ADR Cards to:
Freepost No. 112002
The Medical Assessor
Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring
University of Otago Medical School
PO Box 913

Tel: 03 479 7247
Fax: 03 479 7150