Patient Safety Week

Patient Safety Week

25-29 November 2019

Patient Safety Week runs from 25 – 29th November 2019 to promote patient and medicine consumer awareness and knowledge about medicines safety.

  • Reporting suspected side effects improves medicine safety
  • Buying a medicine without a prescription doesn’t mean you won’t have a side effect
  • Taking a medicine and feeling unwell?  It might be a side effect – tell your doctor and report it

New Zealand has partnered with 19 European Union countries in promoting the Patient Safety Week awareness campaign and with Brazil contributes to spreading a global message beyond Europe.

New Zealand consumers and patients have been active over many years in identifying safety concerns to the Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring (CARM). We are using this opportunity to join with Medsafe to increase awareness and further promote consumer reporting to CARM using our new Consumer Reporting portal.