MERP – Pvt

  • As of 01 July 2018, the MERP ceased operation due to a lack of funding.
  • Your reports have been of value
    Thank you to all who have reported to and supported the MERP in the past. Your reports have been of immense value in helping us share learning experiences from medicine and vaccine errors and develop ways to help prevent patient harm.
  • Please continue to report harms to CARM
    Our Centre recognises the importance of continued national learning from medicine harms. If your report relates to an event that resulted in patient harm as a consequence of an error in use of a medicine or vaccine, please direct your report to CARM following this link.

    Please note:
    It is acceptable to remain anonymous if you prefer, although providing reporter details will enable CARM to clarify event information if required. Where any personal reporter or patient details are provided, confidentiality and security of information is assured, as is standard practice for CARM.