CARM values the well-established practice globally of reporting by industry to national ADR monitoring centres as an integral part of national pharmacovigilance. CARM accepts reports from industry in the format that companies use to report adverse events in other jurisdictions (e.g. CIOMS) and no unique format is required for submitting reports for New Zealand. Although CARM accepts reports from industry through any route (Mail, Fax, Email attachment or other electronic online options) our preference is for electronic transmissions. Contact Janelle Ashton at 03 4799043, or

Try our Demo Company Login here. Enter coydemo for the username, and demo2014 for the password.

In the Company reference box we ask you to enter Company Name and Reference (eg. MyCompany REF20140611CARM) And then attach a file. As you will see you can enter extra info and then submit. On submitting the report you will be given the option to download a pdf of your submission and this will have a WebRef number at the bottom which will identify your submission to us and will eventually be linked to a unique CARM number.

Your Company Drug Safety team will need to identify your Company and reference number with an indication of “initial” or “followup” and then attach the CIOMS report.

Fax: 03 479 7150

Mail: The Medical Assessor
Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring
University of Otago Medical School
PO Box 913