Confidentiality Information for Reporters

CARM as part of the NZ Pharmacovigilance Centre (NZPhvC) is an independent organization operating within the University of Otago providing national pharmacovigilance services.

Since inception of the Adverse Reactions Monitoring centre in 1965, reports submitted have been and continue to be received in confidence and held in accordance with the principles now defined in the Health Information Privacy Code 1994.

No information which can identify a patient or a reporter is disclosed.

Information produced by the Centre is anonymised and collated.

In some cases, the nature of the adverse reaction experienced by the patient may be such that it would severely compromise the patient if the medicine was administered again and for these cases an alert may be entered on the national Medical Warning System. Such an alert would be available only to a clinician treating the patient in the future. If such an action is deemed necessary, it is notified to the reporter for review. For this reason, and to eliminate duplication of reports, identifiable data is essential.

Reports, once assessed are coded into the CARM database in accordance with international practice and filed and reports in their original format are not accessible outside of the NZPhvC.